Elise and Brad – Engagement

Elise and Brad met through mutual friends while attending the University of Toledo.  It only made sense to shoot their engagement photos there!  I got to take a walk down memory lane during the shoot while walking around campus…it had been exactly 10 years ago that day that I graduated from there.  They are a very sweet couple (not to mention very photogenic!).  Elise and Brad have an October wedding planned; I can’t wait to be a part of their special day!

EGS_0774 EGS_0775 EGS_0784 EGS_0798EGS_0810 EGS_0825-2 EGS_0857 EGS_0859 EGS_0870-2 EGS_0887EGS_0906 EGS_0913 EGS_0927-2 EGS_0931 EGS_0957 EGS_0967-2

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