Alex – High School Senior

It was pretty surreal (and tons of fun!) shooting Alex.  I couldn’t believe he was already a senior…after all, I used to babysit him when he was only 6 months old!  Wow, time flies.  He was a fellow Rossford Bulldog and had plans to attend the University of Akron after graduation.  We took his photos at the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg, Ohio.  It really is the perfect spot for taking pictures.  Congrats Alex!

DSC_0404-2DSC_0467-2DSC_0492-2DSC_0502-2DSC_0475-2DSC_0451-2DSC_0522 (2)-2DSC_0471-2DSC_0514_edited-1 (2)-2DSC_0526-2DSC_0489-2DSC_0432-2DSC_0414-2DSC_0473-2DSC_0536-2DSC_0426-2DSC_0519-2

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