About Me

My name is Erica and I enjoy taking pictures for people that are looking for great photos at a reasonable price.   I love outdoor photography and capturing candid moments with you and your loved ones.   I shoot engaged couples, weddings, maternity, babies and children, families and high school seniors.  Ready to book a session?  Please contact me, I look forward to working with you!

       Email:  hollie06@yahoo.com

       Phone:  419.344.6895

I live in Northwest Ohio with my family, which includes my husband and two kiddos.

Things that I love… the beach, the color green, tulips, reading cookbooks, baking, Pottery Barn, pineapples, Eminem, Sons of Anarchy, Pandora radio, red velvet anything, Tyrion Lannister, sushi, Harry Potter, picture frames, The Walking Dead and my husband’s beard.

Things I can’t live without… food, my family, sweatpants, chapstick, fountain pop, pasta, the back-up camera in my car, tweezers and my Nikon camera.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, we are looking to do an outdoors family photo with our 2 month old, could you give us a run down of pricing? Your work is beautiful, thank you in advance.

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