Zach – High School Senior

Meet Zach, a Rossford High School senior! To say this year is one for the books is putting things mildly.  It started with his school having to attend classes at a local college while construction on the new school building was being completed.  After moving in to the new school for the second half, he was then sent home for the remainder of the year due to a global pandemic.  It then culminated with having to graduate with only his parents and a handful of school staff in attendance.  Although this year didn’t turn out as planned, he still managed to have a successful year as a member of the football team and being voted as Homecoming King!  Zach loves outdoor scenery, so we headed to W.W. Knight Nature Preserve in Perrysburg, Ohio for his pictures.  I had a great time with him walking around the park and chatting about life.  He is headed to Ypsilanti, Michigan in the fall to attend Eastern Michigan University.  Congratulations, Zach!



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