Nicholas – High School Senior

Meet Nicholas, a senior at Northview High School in Sylvania, Ohio.  He loves buildings and architecture so we started in downtown Sylvania, trying to find all the amazing walls and back alleys we could find.  I loved his style and poses – he was a natural in front of the camera.  I had so much fun shooting in front of some hidden gems that I never knew existed (um hello awesome graffiti wall under the railroad tracks).  Congratulations Nick, and thank you taking me off the beaten path and making my job easy!

EGS_3078EGS_3109EGS_3239-2EGS_3265EGS_3027EGS_3061EGS_3120EGS_3205EGS_3288 (2)EGS_3046EGS_3141EGS_3196EGS_3097EGS_3244EGS_3044EGS_3132EGS_3156-2EGS_3274EGS_3183EGS_3127EGS_3049EGS_3068EGS_3102EGS_3098

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