The Stoehr Family

I’ve been photographing this little guy from the beginning, and I look forward to each session I have with him.  This time was no different, except that I was excited to include his parents!  We headed to Wildwood Preserve Metropark in Toledo, Ohio.  It was a cold and sunny morning, and the leaves were at the peak of their color.  We let Anderson walk around and explore, which is usually when I get some of my favorite candid shots.  I loved this fall session with one of my favorite families!

EGS_3750EGS_3785EGS_3817EGS_3821EGS_3793EGS_3767EGS_3804EGS_3752 (2)EGS_3831EGS_3869EGS_3853EGS_3826EGS_3796EGS_3781EGS_3755EGS_3789EGS_3813EGS_3845EGS_3863

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